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 January 2013

Just want them to "disappear"?

Think they would be better off...elsewhere?

You may want to reconsider once you know the facts.

March 2013

Two cats killed for every flea found at University Hospital Galway. 

The pest control company evidence suggests that the HSE had ordered the removal of feral cats from UHG grounds, long before there was any issue with fleas.

Read the full Galway City Tribune article here

April 2014

Please sign our latest Petition please.

BAN the Trapping & Killing of Ireland’s Cats.

It is completely unacceptable that some cats in Ireland are being trapped and killed/released elsewhere by pest control companies, wildlife services and others.  A TOTAL BAN must be placed on pest control companies, wildlife services and others from trapping and killing or releasing in a new environment, innocent defenceless cats when there is a more humane effective solution in the form of Trap Neuter Return (TNR).  ALL cats in Ireland should have the right to live, proper protection and legislation to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Pest control companies, wildlife services, etc are not animal welfare organisations and are not concerned with animal welfare. They are not obliged to report to the Irish Government and unlike the Pounds cannot be monitored by the public and are not inspected regularly by welfare inspectors to ensure they are carrying out best practice.

Furthermore, mandatory microchipping of cats MUST be introduced in 2016 alongside the mandatory microchipping of dogs that year.  This would ensure owner traceability in the event of cats going missing, being abandoned, etc.