Feral Cats Ireland

Feral Cat Care Guide for Veterinary Nurses

Limerick Feral Cats have produced a wonderful Feral Cat Care Guide for Veterinary Nurses which is available to download above.  Feel free to print off a copy for yourself, a Veterinary Nurse you know or your local Veterinary practice.  Here is a quote from the guide: ‘Considering that techniques for handling and restraint of feral cats are hugely different to that for tame cats, it came to a huge surprise to me that there is no information on feral cat care in any of the standard veterinary nursing textbooks. This information is essential, not least of all to protect the safety of the nurse treating these animals. This booklet hopes to redress the balance. I hope that it will bring more nurses to appreciate how frightened these poor cats are when trapped, transported and admitted to vet practices for neutering. We can alleviate their anxiety in very simple ways that require no extra time or cost. But equally, I also hope that the information in this booklet will encourage nurses to be better

advocates for feral cats.’